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Actionable guidance for a changing world


MATTER is a brand intelligence, strategy and communications company that provides actionable guidance for fashion and luxury, attuned to our rapidly transforming world.

Built on decades of experience in the luxury, fashion and entertainment sectors, combined with AI capabilities, MATTER offers a new model of intelligence, that is more responsive, more affordable and more aligned to our community’s evolving challenges and opportunities.

What matters is transforming

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As rates of change accelerate and levels of risk increase, successful market performance in fashion and luxury requires unprecedented levels of information and agility.

How MATTER is different

At MATTER’s core is our synthesis of global shifts in behaviours, macro-economic forces, culture and innovation. Combined with AI-driven analysis of fashion’s consumer cohorts, and insights from our own unique community, MATTER strategies define your next best action. 

From future proofing market positioning to the reporting of cultural trends, and from the identification of new growth communities to establishing brand marketing and communications routes that reach them, MATTER’s intelligence and insight methodology is applied throughout, informing what really matters for your specific need and context. 

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